You Suck At CSS (and that's okay)

Rex Riepe
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You've learned how to write CSS. Now learn how NOT to write CSS, along with other secrets of modern web development, except for vertical centering which is impossible.

This book is the counterpart to the open-source California Stylesheets project:

Want to support CASS? Buy the book. Also, the book is good too. It's about the zen of setting up web development projects and dealing with styles in a team or with multiple teams. It's about how and where to put your ideas on how stuff should look. And also about CSS. And also not-CSS.


0: "Information should be free!"

3.00: "I hear SF has great homeless services."

5.00: "I felt like a soundboard for your rants."

10.00: "It was good, but come on. This is a PDF file."

20.00: "I'm a model open source supporter."

More than that: Wow!

Please feel free to come back and pay later if the ideas are good. If you just want to style HTML quickly without a book on the theory behind it, download CASS now and play around with it. This book is genuinely pay-what-you-want. Zero is a number too!

Kyle Yeats is the author of this book. I'm just the guy that runs this account, and builds CASS, and may also secretly be Kyle. You'll never know. More YSAC content and more Kyle coming soon!

  • The You Suck At CSS ebook PDF

  • Size
    321 KB
  • Length
    68 pages
  • The You Suck At CSS ebook PDF
  • Size321 KB
  • Length68 pages


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You Suck At CSS (and that's okay)

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